Offshore software development is the new way of outsourcing a project with multiple benefits,
however, it has its own unique challenges. And once they are overcome outsourcing is a boon for
any business. Here, we have shared 7 tips to manage projects that are chosen for offshore
development in India.

  • Clear vision
    Many times while outsourcing projects, the parent company fails to communicate a clear vision to the offshore team. This leads to challenges during development. As a company, you should present a clear and detailed presentation of the project before your offshore team starts working on it.
  • Experienced project manager
    Offshore teams have professionals who are experts in their domain. Hence, appointing a good project manager with the experience of working and leading the offshore group will always be an added advantage for your company throughout the project duration. Because a dedicated manager helps achieve quick problem-solving.
  • Converge your clocks
    There will be a good 10 to 13 hrs difference in the time zones of the company in the US and its offshore development team in India. It is advisable to set the timings of both timezones on two clocks in each office. It will help to manage your work hours accordingly so that both the offshore and onshore teams get at least 3 to 4 hrs of overlapped time to work in unison on the project.
  • Effective communication
    Lack of communication can lead to an incomplete relay of information. The best way to overcome this hurdle is by communicating as often as you can. A defined time for daily interaction with the offshore team can be effective. Once you get the flow of communicating regularly and effectively, the project pace will improve.
  • Have a good working relationship with the team
    Your offshore team does great work and It is good to commend them on their work as this helps boost confidence. Compliment them as if they are part of your core, onshore team. Include them regularly in various project-related meetings and official communications. This will inculcate a feeling of oneness.
  • Avoid micromanaging
    Your offshore developer’s team has at least one experienced senior developer who can act and interact as a leader of the team. Hence, it is important for the parent company to trust its offshore partner on the development, allowing the offshore TL to take the lead.

Offshore teams have become more efficient, hence, managing them is become easier than before.
Add to this a little care and consideration and the team will remain motivated. An offshore software
development company in India can massively take the load off your shoulders.