Though the terms ‘software testing’ and ‘software development’ sound similar, they actually go on to mean completely different things. However, both occupy great importance in the software industry and offer great opportunities to those who are eager to make a career in the field. They come with their own set of challenges, technical requirements, and experience and they are greatly needed in the industry. Here are the major differences between software testing and software development:

  • Software development
    Software development refers to computer programming that involves developing and maintaining a source code in a structured manner. The concept involves an entire procedure to be followed to develop high-quality and bug-free software, such as research, product development, prototyping, reengineering, modification, reuse, and maintenance. Thus, a software developer caters to the functions of software development as mentioned above.
  • Software testing
    Software testing refers to the identification and verification of the computer software that has been developed – the major elements being quality, correctness, and completeness. This process is followed to check for any bugs or errors in the software so that those can be corrected before it is delivered and deployed to the end users. Software testers ensure that the product results match with the expected results and that the system is error-free under controlled situations. Apart from identifying defects and solving them, software testing companies in India analyze a particular software to check the differences between the ideal and existing conditions.
  • Major Differences between Software Development and Software Testing
    Software development focuses on developing the code and testing so that it fits the requirements, while software testing is about testing the developed software under controlled circumstances to ensure that only high-quality product reaches the clients and users.
    Software development is known by several other names such as software design, software application development, platform development, application development, and enterprise application development – all of which mean the same thing and are performed by software developers. On the other hand, software testing is done by software testers who are professionally trained to execute programmes and find defects in the product before final delivery.
    Software development involves the developer, publisher, system development timeline, and programmer or coder. Software testing involves the tester, test lead, test administrator, manager, test designer, and test developer.

Now that you know the difference between software development and software testing, you need to look
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