Is it difficult to track who is working on which loan application?

Do you want to remove any communication gap between your staff from Application to Sanction to Disbursement?

Is it difficult to know the cause of delay whether Customer or Internal Staff?

Do you want to automatically notify the customer on the progress of the loan application?

Want to find the status of any loan application with one click?

Manage loan workflow, track loan application and value added post disbursement services.

Ideal App for Loan Consultants / DSA (Direct Selling Agents) to monitor & track all the loan applications. Assign loan stages (Pipeline / Application / Sanction / Disbursement) to the teams. Be in touch with your client even after the loan is disbursed.

Value Added Features – Your Customers will never forget you

  • Monitor Application Status
  • Pre-defined Workflow Pipeline – Login – Sanction – Disbursement
  • Monitor & Track Workflow & Applications across stages
  • Daily follow up entry & reporting
  • Manage Source Type & Contacts
  • Multi-user Multi-branch operations with role-based access control
  • Auto emails to customers on case progress & on birthday & anniversary
  • Get instant stage-wise report
  • Get all the data into one professional PDF
  • Upload documents
  • Analyse performance
  • Intelligent Dashboard
  • Post Disbursement Services
  • Stage-wise Progress Customer Notifications
  • Notify Customers about EMI Reminders
  • Automated emails for Customer Feedback, Customer Testimonial, Customer Reference, and Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Role Based Reporting
  • Quick Application Status Report
  • Analyse Team Performance


Do I have to install the application?

No. The application is ready to use from the web link, it is not required to be installed?

Do I have to pay hosting charges?

No. The application is hosted on our private server and there are no hosting charges applied.

Do I have to pay AMC / Maintenance charges?

No. You do not have to pay any maintenance charges.

I have multiple branches, is it possible to use the application across the branches?

Yes. It is very much possible. Multiple users from multiple branches will be able to access the application.

Is the customer notified on the progress of the loan application?

Yes. The customer will be automatically notified on Sanction, Disbursement, EMI Reminders

What type of automatic emails sent by the system?

The system will automatically ask the Feedback, ask the Testimonial and Referrals. Not only that, the system will also send Birthdays & Anniversaries wishes automatically.

Can I update the Bank’s Legal Report in this system?

Yes. There is a facility to add legal report information and also the same will be exported to PDF along with entire application data.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

Yes. You can cancel the subscription anytime you want.

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