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We are passionate about delivering software solutions. It is not about just developing solutions, but adding value to our business partners by understanding and analysing their need, by suggesting appropriate features and deliver usable solutions.

We are specialized in developing software solutions and exploit the experience and capability to develop faster and better.

With great teamwork and diverse specialists, we aspire to develop and deliver solutions that are Inspirational.


What We Do

We develop an understanding of requirements and develop custom software solutions. We combine creativity and technical know-how to build custom business experiences. Our processes and user-focused approach helps clients achieve their goal and promote their business growth. Our delivery cycles are frequent and give quick returns of client’s investments.

Web Projects | Mobile/Desktop Apps | Facebook Apps
Our custom based projects help our client to perform, monitor, enables better decisions, meet their business goals. We make you reach out to unlimited user base with Mobile and Facebook apps.
Responsive Designs
Mobile/Tablet Development – We design and develop for screens of all sizes applying responsive, modern web standards to ensure that all browsers and devices display your website properly.
MS Office Extensions
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Creative Consulting
We’re know how to apply unique ideas in any capacity. If your business requires creative attention, we can help develop a solution that tackles the problem in an innovative way.
User Interface Design
Our focus on creative design, usability and modern web standards sets us apart. We develop with the user in mind, and enable users to meet their goals.
Financed Based Projects
We have developed various projects like Government Relief Bonds, Valuation Tool, Credit Monitoring, Commodity Based Margin Call System, Competitive Analysis, Forecasting, Asset Liability Management & Wealth Management.

How We Do

(OPED) – Organise – Plan – Execute – Deliver

We keep it simple with OPED cycle:
  1. Understand requirement/problem and envisage solution.
  2. Create User Interface Demo/Prototype.
  3. Create Proof-of-Concepts to confirm the Calculation/Computation/Solution.
  4. Confirm the Requirements, Demo/Prototype and Proof-of-Concepts.
  5. Start with the Test-Cases, Coding and Unit Testing
  6. Test & Confirm the output
  7. Install & Support the solution

Our Best Practices – We Live & Enjoy 🙂

  • Self-organizing teams
  • Product progresses in a series of 2-4 weeks long “sprints”
  • Requirements are captured as items in a list of “product backlog”,
  • Create & confirm proof of concepts and test cases using real data to validate the outcome.
  • Create & confirm the prototype of user interfaces before the development.
  • Perform manual and automated code review to ensure the overall code quality to be optimum.
  • Confirm the output to match with the overall requirement and test cases to deliver right on our first attempt.
  • Our pro-active measure like logging and mailing technical errors enables us to resolve it sooner. So by the time user inform client and client inform us, either we have resolved by then or we are already on our way to resolve it. We value your business.
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