The field of software development continues to evolve and progress daily. The jobs are rewarding
too. Statistics state that 25% to 30% growth in employment is expected in this field by 2025.
Software development projects are extremely diverse and their outreach is excessively widespread.
This is the reason why software developers are in high demand across all domains and industries.
However, there are many kinds of software. So, if you are planning to invest in hiring a team to
develop software for you, you must know one kind of software from another. The following is a list
of some popular kinds of software for you to choose from.

  • Web development
    Website and web app development is experiencing phenomenal growth because of newer tech and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in the market. All these tools help websites to ‘plug in’ to various useful features. Today, businesses want more interlinked web pages and web apps to enhance engagement and make it more appealing.
  • Mobile app development
    This type of software development was almost nonexistent a decade ago. Today it has become a rage and every business wants it. It is mainly about creating an application that will run on various mobile operating systems. The most common mobile OSes are iOS, Android, and Windows. We, however, also have Blackberry and other Linux-based OSes. This area is so diverse that you can order food, book a cab, play games, and monitor your health all in your palm.
  • Application development
    It is the process of developing various computer programs as per the need and requirements of the business. This is actual programming and the software is normally called a computer program. For example, Windows, Linux, and Mac are standard applications that are used as operating systems in desktop and laptop PCs.
  • Backend development
    It is the kind of work that is done on the server’s end to ensure that the programs on the front keep running without any disruptions. The servers normally store huge amounts of data. Servers are divided into three parts: a database, a server, and an application. Managing a huge database is a back-end developer’s core expertise. For example, Facebook has one billion user details that require organizing. The developers at the backend make this possible.
  • Cloud computing
    Though local storage is still used, cloud computing is gaining prominence. Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, process, and manage data rather than store data on a local server or PC. For example, Amazon web services (AWS) and Google Drive.

We have discussed some of the popular types of software development that many software products
development companies in India work on.